Księżycowa Poznań

year of completion:2012-2014
Number of apartments:44

One of the first completed our residential investment is a complex of two buildings on the street Moon. There is a 44 apartments and 6 commercial units on the ground.

Tarnowo Centrum

LOCATION:Tarnowo Podgórne
year of completion:2010-2014
Number of apartments:500+


As part of the Estate, we anticipate 32 buildings.Until now, the 4 stages of investment were realised and 174 apartments have been sold ranging from 35 m2 to 65 m2 and 5 commercial units ranging in size from 42 m2 to 65 m2.


LOCATION:ul. Broniwoja, Warszawa
year of completion:2013-2014
Number of apartments:10


Multi-family residential building was realised for an external investor.

Dobrzyckiego 6

LOCATION:ul. Dobrzyckiego 6, Poznań
year of completion:2011-2012
Number of apartments:4


City Villa Dobrzyckiego 6 was created for people who appreciate space and life in the city.

Osiedle Parkowe

year of completion:2011-2012
Number of apartments:47

In the vicinity of the National Park and Rogalin Landscape Park, we completed a multi-family building, interesting architecture with 46 residential flats and 8 retail units on the ground floor.

Dobrzyckiego 2

year of completion:2011-2012
Number of apartments:3

We have completed the building of detached houses in a modern architectural form, intended for the 3 buildings with residential purposes.This commercial area is 240 m2  and 290 m2, for those who value comfort and safety, the 2-storey building was made ​​from the highest quality materials.

Osiedle Słoneczny Stok

LOCATION:ul. Piłsudskiego 39, Kielce
year of completion:2010-2012
Number of apartments:94


LOCATION:ul. Rolna, Tarnowo Podgórne
year of completion:2008-2009
Number of apartments:18