Osada Złotnicka - Wrocław


The settlement Złotnicka is a new development project located in the western part of the city, at the intersection Cosmonaut and Złotnicka. The complex of 10 buildings with commercial premises and garage hall arises surrounded by green areas Złotnicki Park and Park Leśnickiego, providing ideal conditions for relaxation and outdoor recreation.

Excellent location allows for quick and efficient access to the center of Wroclaw. In the immediate vicinity of the estate there are bus stops and tram.


In the first stage of the sediments Zlotnickie will be two buildings with 56 apartments, varying in size from 33 to 90 m2. Distribution of housing has been carefully designed with special emphasis on the functionality and convenience of future residents. Apartments feature balconies, terraces and on the ground floor adjacent gardens. Silent wózkarnie of an elevator and provide comfort to families with children. Our permanent showcase is meticulously fine-tuned management of the estate. Small architecture, greenery, paved parking spaces, marked lanes will appreciate all the residents and their guests.


1. Primers for flooring
Cementitious screeds erased mechanically stacked with Styrofoam insulation. The level of cementitious screeds in all areas at the same height. Primers prepared for panels or tiles

2. Supporting walls
24 cm thick hollow bricks

3. The interior plaster walls and ceilings
Single-layer, plaster done mechanically, prepared for filling and painting

4. Ceilings
Reinforced concrete filigree

5. Windows
PVC innovative hardware, gaping, Tilt-turn (as documented construction) with a veneer exterior in gray, double glazed with a coefficient K = 1.1 W / m2K. At the attic roof windows opened manually. The windows on the ground floor equipped with external blinds manually operated. Under the windows of a depression (recess) at the installation window sill with a thickness of 3cm. Standard does not cover the delivery and assembly of internal parapets

6. Entrance doors to apartments
Burglar, single, complete with the number of housing and visor

7. Partitions
With silicate blocks / concrete blocks plastered on both sides

8. Balconies
Isolated przeciwwilgociowo, railings in the form of a steel-and-glass elements, according to the draft

9. Electrical Installation
3-phase approach to the kitchen electricity; 20-30cm above the floor sockets, switches about 1.4 m above the floor, the installation of an electric bell. Switches and sockets in white, lighting equipment ended dice. The distribution and quantity according to the project

10. Installation of water and sewage
Installation of hot and cold water run in floors, ducts or chases. Water meter for each place. Sewage system with PVC pipes run in floors, ducts or chases. It does not include white assembly

11. The gas pipe
There is a building

12. Install C.O.
Pipelines C.O. carried out in the roof floor of the lower layers connection of radiators. Steel radiators, and panel valves termoregulacyjnymi. Counter thermal energy consumption

13. Installation of TV, telephone and Internet
To bring the installation into each dwelling for TV, TEL, INTERNET. Location outlets according to the project

14. Intercom installation
One connection intercom dwelling from the entrance to the stairwell


1. Internal plasters

Gypsum, machine-painted with emulsion paint

2. Floor
The stairwell and the boiler room of tiles stoneware or equivalent solutions. In cells tenant screed concrete.

3. Floor
The stairwell with a height of 110cm, openwork profiles and steel pipes, painted

4. Window frames
ALU windows, double glazed

5. Entrance to the building
Double exterior doors in an aluminum frame, glazed safety glass with self-closing

7. Lift
The building has an elevator from the ground floor to the last floor.


1. External plasters

Structural thin film on a layer of polystyrene with an invoice lamb; A narrow mosaic plaster or wood cladding and other materials

2. Window sills
In the coated steel sheet, with flange


3. Roof
Coverage roof tiles, charcoal, gutters and downspouts

4. Driving and pedestrian access to the building
Access roads and pedestrian streets lined with concrete for cement-sand posypce


5. Parking
Made of concrete blocks full or openwork.

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