Nowe Tarnowo











We present you Nowy Tarnowo Housing Estate located at ul. School in the intensively growing Tarnow Podgorne. This is a secure estate which consists of 10 terraced houses. We offer apartments with a living area of ​​90 and 95 m2. The living area consists of a large living room with a kitchenette and a toilet on the ground floor, 3 or 4 bedrooms, a bathroom and a dressing room upstairs. Each segment has a garage. When buying a house we buy a share in the land in the form of full ownership. Undoubted advantage of the investment are large gardens from 42 up to 300 m2 belonging to each segment. There is a common recreational area for residents of the estate. Close proximity to schools, sports facilities, shops and services, and convenient communication make it a comfortable place to live for any family. Homes are offered in developer standard. The investment has been put to use.


Poznań Ławica

14 km

20 miniutes

ING Bank Śląski

ul. Poznanska 84

500 m

2 minutes

Train Station

Poznań Główny

20 km

28 minutes

WBK Bank Zachodni

ul. Poznanska 74

600 m

2 minutes

Bus Station Poznań

PKS Poznań

21 km

29 minutes


ul. Poznanska 80

500 m

2 minutes


ul. Poznanska 80

600 m

2 minutes


ul. Poznańska 105

350 m

1 minut


ul. Szkolna 5

400 m

2 minutes

High School

ul. Poznańska 118

700 m

1,5 minutes


ul. Poznańska 48

1,2 km

5 minutes

Primary school

ul. Szkolna 5

500 m

2 minutes


Swadzim, św. Antoniego 2

8 km

11 minut


ul. Ogrodowa 2

900 m

2 minutes

Leroy Merlin

Swadzim, św. Antoniego 6

7 km

10 minutes




1. Primers for flooring
Cementitious screeds erased mechanically stacked with Styrofoam insulation. The level of cementitious screeds in all areas at the same height. Primers prepared for panels or tiles

2. Supporting walls
18 cm ceramic hollow bricks

3. The interior plaster walls and ceilings
Single-layer, plaster done mechanically, prepared for filling and painting

4. Ceilings
Densely finned.

5. Windows
PVC innovative hardware, gaping, Tilt-turn (as documented construction) with a veneer exterior brown in color, with a twin-chamber glazed with a coefficient of glazing K = 0,7W / m2K. Windows with external blinds manually operated. Under the windows of a depression (recess) at the installation window sill with a thickness of 3cm. Standard does not cover the delivery and assembly of internal parapets

6. The front door and the garage door
Burglar, single, complete with visor. Sectional door, opened with a remote-controlled electric drive

7. Partition walls and ceiling
The walls of sanitary facilities (toilet on the ground floor and a bathroom on the first floor): masonry;

Other partitions with double drywall on steel (2xGKB - C75 - 2x GKB; wall thickness of 12.5 cm) of wyszpachlowanymi seams panels and seats mounting screws.

Suspended ceiling with plaster - cardboard on the floor of wyszpachlowanymi seams panels and seats mounting screws, foil vapor barrier and insulation with mineral wool. 30cm waist bottom girder. Ventilated space above the ceiling.

8. Balconies
Przeciwwilgociowo insulated, steel railing.

9. The electrical installation and LOW
3-phase approach to the kitchen electricity; 20-30cm above the floor sockets, switches about 1.4 m above the floor, the installation of an electric bell. Switches and sockets in white, lighting equipment ended dice. The distribution and quantity in accordance with the project.

10. Installation of water and sewage
Installation of hot and cold water run in floors or furrows. Water meter household appliances and garden in the garage. Sewage system with PVC pipes run in floors, ducts or chases. It does not include white assembly.

11. The gas pipe
Connection terminated approach the counter, which provides the network administrator. Internal installation is adjusted to a central heating boiler on the ground.

12. Install C.O.
Pipelines C.O. carried out in layers floor with bottom connection of radiators. Steel radiators, and panel valves termoregulacyjnymi. The bathroom ladder radiator.

The premises 1.A, 1.B, 2.A, 2.B, 5.A, 5.B concrete stairs. In other premises provided for the implementation of self-supporting staircase at the discretion of the Buyer.


1. External plasters
Structural thin film on the polystyrene layer thickness of at least 15 cm of invoice lamb; A narrow mosaic plaster.

2. Window Sills
In the coated steel sheet, with flange

3. Roof
Coverage roof tiles, charcoal, gutters and downspouts

4. Driving and pedestrian access to the building
Access roads and pedestrian streets lined with concrete for cement-sand posypce

5. Land use
Surface directions to the garage and reaching the building is finished ballasted with concrete cement-sand. Garden planted with grass. The fence of the garden made of woven wire mesh, galvanized, on metal posts and front of the house open area. From the street. School decorated recreational area for the exclusive use of owners of the premises. In the area outside the plot Client they are made of inner roads in housing estates of concrete blocks and the lighting of lamps type of park roads.