Together with highly regarded companies on the Polish market, we have prepared the Partner Program which offers interior design articles.  The idea behind this program is to help our clients arrange their own place. Our partners serve you with professional advice and offer very attractive discounts.







Poznań, ul. Poznańska 68
tel. 61 842 70 81;

C.H. ETC Swarzędz ul. Poznańska 6
tel. 61 665 09 39;





The purchase of kitchen furniture is an investment for years.That is why it is so important to fully satisfy customers with expert advice and service. And even offer something more ... a 20% discount on the chosen kitchen.





Poznań, ul. Wołkowyska 32
tel. 61 873 56 00; 61 873 56 01

Łukasz Ignasiak
tel. 607 910 116;




You are very welcome to the modern showroom of interior furnishings.We offer a wide range of products, expert advice, transport and assembly. Promotion for JAKON customers - a 20% discount on the entire range.




Komorniki, ul Fabianowska 100
tel.: +48 61 890 00 00,

fax: +48 61 890 00 90





MARO Office Furniture is of recognizable style and of the highest quality. On our 20th Anniversary, we offer 15% discount for private customers and companies.





Rokietnica, ul. Trakt Napoleoński 70

tel. + 48 61 625 70 50



-10 -15 %


Amber Trade Company is an authorized dealer of COMMANDER and BERGMANN KITCHEN. We have a full offer on furniture for any interior - from the entrance hall, living room and bathroom through to the kitchen, bedroom and storage facilities






Poznań, ul. Zwierzyniecka 3

tel. 515 229 761





We make dreams of abeautiful and comfortable interiors come true. All our designs are fit to measure for our customers. Our mission is to have an unconventional approach todesign, customization and attention to every detail.