April 2015


The Tarnowo Centre project has started its next stage.On offer, 30 apartments located in two buildings marked with numbers B11 and B12 building.Footage of apartments range from 43 to 56 m2 and on the ground floor, flats with gardens.The buildings will be completed in November 2015 and we would like to remind you that we still have apartments in buildings A3 and A4, with a completion date is May 2015.

We have also started the sale of the second stage of semi-detached houses on the Marianowskie Estate in Tarnowo Podgorne.The first phase consists of 3 buildings where there are 6 houses with an area of 147 m2 each.


On Friday6th February, the Management and employees of the company with their guests celebrated the 25th anniversary of JAKON with a Great Gatsby themed party. Everyone dressed in costumes reminiscing American Prohibition and gangsters from the film “The Great Gatsby ".

The celebration was opened by President Jan Konieczny’s speech, recalling the beginnings of the company. Guests took part in numerous competitions and games, in which they won surprise gifts. Participation was also evident at the three tables: roulette, blackjack and poker, where everyone tried their hand at gambling. As a souvenir, one could take and printa photo in a specially prepared machine.

The event was held in Jaśminowy Palace in Batorowo, which perfectly fit the atmosphere of the 1920’s.The party lasted till the early hours of the morning, which meant the event was very enjoyable.


At 3pm on the23rdDecember,our office began the Christmas Party for the Board and Employees.The hosts of the event welcomed each guest and it was an opportunity to meet in a wider group. President Jan Konieczny opened with a speech, which contained a summary of the past year with a focus on all of the solid work done by all employees.


The table was beautifully decorated and set with festive dishes. The meeting was extraordinarily prepared, every detail refined with Christmas music and carols played in the background.The festive atmosphere was warm and joyful,with the Christmas spirit ofpleasant conversations, closeness and peace.


The holiday season is a time of joy and big dreams for all children.This year, Santa Claus visited theJakonHead Office on the13th December. Whilst waiting for Santa, festivities for the kids were organised by animators. Younger children participated in games and activities. For older children, the main attraction was to meet with trained dogs: Tara and Shelah. Lastly, the long-awaited guest – Santa Claus arrived. All the lucky children lined up to receive presents.


With excellent organization and great atmosphere, guests remained after the event to spend some more time together. It was a fantastic event!


Management and Employees of the company spent the weekend in the Uroczysko resort by the River Gwda in Jastrowie between the 19th – 21st September.

Rafting started on Saturday morning from the RiverPiława.The tour was supposed to beeasy and enjoyable but due to the low level of water in the river, the level of difficulty increased from beginner to at least intermediate.On the plus side, the weather and views experienced on the routewere beautiful.We got to the finish set in the town of Szwecja and in the evening, we spent time together with a BBQ, karaoke and dancing party.

See you at the Deeper River!


ThePoznan Bike Challenge took place on the 13th September at Malta Lake.This was the first ofits kind and was organized for cyclists across Poland. During the one daychallenge, both professional riders and athletic enthusiasts met, as well as recreational cyclists andyoungsters. Jakon was represented at this great event!